Dental Hygiene for All Ages and Teeth

Visiting us:

Come see us for a thorough cleaning. Your hygienist will use loupes to meticulously remove stains and calculus from your teeth during your 50-minute air abrasion or scale and polish procedure. If the scaling is a little difficult for you, you have the option to be numbed.


Teeth care:

We provide everyone with painless, same-day emergency appointments, even if you have never visited us before.

An Emergency Appointment comes at no extra cost.We can restore your smile with “new teeth” that have the appearance and functionality of real teeth if you are missing any or all of your natural teeth.


Contact us:

Contact us if you have a toothache, a missing or damaged filling, a crown, or a bridge, and we’ll do our best to see you that same day.

All patients are eligible for emergency appointments, even if you have never visited us before.

Your treatment may require more appointments, but we will make every effort to resolve your issue at this visit.



Emergency appointments are not subject to extra fees. A minimum fee of £150 must be paid on the same day.

For instance, an extraction will set you back £200. This represents the entire expenditure (x-rays, medications, etc.).



Since we are a private dentistry office unaffiliated with the NHS, we do not get government funding. You will be required to pay our standard costs whether you want to visit us for a routine appointment or an emergency.


Awards and rating:

Ferry Dental Centre has received the Patient Service Award for the third year in a row in 2018.

We are honored that you have chosen Ferry Dental Centre as the winner of several awards since 2015, but we are even more honored by the more than 100 Google 5* ratings.



Although we are pleased to offer you the best dental treatment available, we understand that money is a concern, which is why we think it’s important to be upfront about our costs right away.  The materials utilized in therapy, the duration of appointments, and the level of intricacy of the treatment provided all reflect charges.



Have you ever wished your grin was whiter, straighter, and far more self-assured? When you laugh with companions, do you usually cover your mouth with your hand? Come see the magic of cosmetic dentistry with us.


Dental hygiene:

Ferry Family dental care Centre is the ideal location if all you’re searching for is an examination. Helping our patients develop good habits that assist avoid Dental implants disease is, in fact, our top goal. Together, we can help you prevent the increased expenses associated with dental illness and maintain the health and beauty of your smile.


New patients:

At Ferry Dental Centre, we take great pleasure in welcoming new patients. The basis of our relationship with the patient is laid at the first appointment. We ensure that vital background data, such medical history, is gathered and that the patient has adequate time to speak with the Emergency dentist.



We will do a complete and in-depth dental examination of your teeth, gums, and surrounding tissue during your appointment. This comprehensive clinical and cosmetic examination, which includes an oral cancer screening, will be completed using high magnification and specialist cameras.



Please feel free to enquire and let us know what you anticipate. This assists us in choosing our path of action, both now and in the future. Sadly, anyone with walking impairments cannot reach our location, which is on the first floor of a stunning grade II listed building (eg wheelchair or pushchair). we have Private dentist that look after your teeth cleaning and keep them in tip top condition.






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